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State Terengganu

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An awe-inspiring design with picturesque surroundings, you must not miss the opportunity to visit one of the famous landmark in Kuala Terengganu. The masjid is situated on a 5-acre of reclaimed land in Kuala Ibai, with its foundation built in the lagoon of Sungai Ibai. During high tide, the water rises covering the foundation creating illusions of a floating masjid.

Combining both modern and Moorish architecture design, the masjid symbolizes the innovation and modernization in the state. The Floating Masjid was named after the late Sultan Mahmud’s mother, Tuanku Intan Zaharah binti Almarhum Tengku Seri Setia Raja. The ideal time to visit this mosque is in the evening, when the evening sun shines on the masjid, turning the building into golden colour while the cooling breeze blow from the South China sea. Its surrounding serene landscapes, also draws a great number of visitors to Terengganu who take the opportunity to perform their prayers and take a breather from their journey at this masjid. The design of the masjid reflects a subtle Islamic influence combined with local features, incorporating the use of marble, ceramics, mosaic works and bomanite paving. Constructed with a lake surrounding it, much like a moat, the masjid is popularly referred to as the Floating Masjid. With the backdrop of the open South China Sea, this masjid is an irresistible attraction to visitors in Terengganu.

How To Get There

The masjid is located in Teluk Ibai along Jalan Sultan Mahmud, just over 4km south of Kuala Terengganu city centre. With supporting recreational park, jogging tracks, playground, rest rooms, gazebos, food and souvenir stalls, it surely entice visitors either using rented vehicles or the heritage town bus that plies the route from the city

Where To Stay

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Where To Eat

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